Sample Page

This Adtoniq example illustrates how to ask ad blocked users to disable their ad blocker using a simple message on the bottom of the site. Only users blocking ads will see a message on the bottom of the site, asking them to disable their ad blocker. They will continue to see the message until they disable their ad blocker. Non-blocked users get no message and see all the content.

As an incentive to disable their ad blocker, the messaging in this example tells the user they can see premium content in exchange for disabling their ad blocker. This can be any existing content on your site you would like to use to motivate your ad blocked users to disable their ad blocker. All you need to do is surround your existing premium content with the appropriate Adtoniq shortcode, as described below. This example also replaces the blocked ad unit with a message displayed only to ad blocked users, explaining the deal.

To create an example just like this on your own website using Adtoniq, follow these steps:

  1. First, ensure that you have installed Adtoniq. For more information on installing Adtoniq, see our online documentation.
  2. In the Messaging section, enable the alert, and choose “Users blocking ads”.
  3. In the Message Options section, make sure “Select message to edit” is set to “Greeting Message”.
  4. Enter text such as “We rely on advertising revenue to pay our bills. As a reward for disabling your ad blocker, we’ll show you our premium content.”
  5. In the Button Options section, make sure both confirm button text and reject button text are blank.
  6. Click the Save Changes button.
  7. This site places an AdSense ad unit in the sidebar. If the user has their ad blocker enabled, that ad unit will be blocked. Just below that ad unit in the sidebar, we use this code to display an additional message only to ad blocked users: [adtoniq_message_adblocked]
    <img src=”//” alt=”Hate ads?”>
    [/adtoniq_message_adblocked]. Read more about Adtoniq shortcodes.
  8. Protect your premium content by surrounding it with the [adtoniq_message_nonblocked] shortcode.